02 Aug

Open Wounds by Joseph Lunievicz

  Open Wounds by Joseph Lunievicz is not your typical YA story.  The book takes place in New York City in the mid 1930s. Cid Wymann lives in isolation with his grandmother and his only escape is to sneak out to the cinema.  His favorite movies are the ones with sword fights.  Cid struggles on the streets and finds surrogate homes with the families of his friends.  When his grandmother dies he hopes one of his friends families will take him in.  Unfortunately, he ends up in an orphanage.  After five years a questionable uncle, Lefty, claims him and he becomes a caregiver for his uncle who was injured in the war (WWI) with chemical weapons.  Lefty knows a drunk has been fencing teacher who begins to give Cid lessons.  Fencing is the sport of gentlemen and Cid, his uncle and teacher are certainly the antithesis of that world.  Irregardless, Cid enters that world.  A great story for historical fiction lovers, fencing enthusiasts and someone looking for a book completely different from what’s out there.  It is a character driven story and I won’t forget the people I met during the read.