02 Aug

Out of the Pocket by Bill Konigsberg

Bill Konigsberg deals with a difficult subject in his book Out of the Pocket.  The story’s main character, Bobby Framingham, is quarterback for his football team and has everything going for him.  He is  popular, smart, a chick magnet, athletic, great son, and gay.  It’s that last one that is the focus of the story expertly told by Konigsberg.  Bobby is forced out of the closet and he has to come to terms with everyone knowing his secret.  Not only that, his football team and those teams he plays also have to come to terms with the gay – thing.  This is not a ‘in your face’ gay story.  It is about accepting yourself for who you are, standing up for yourself, and the prejudices of others.  Face it, teenagers can be cruel, egocentric and homophobic.  They can also be empathetic.  This is a story about seeing beyond stereotypes and fear.  A very worthwhile story.