02 Aug

Paradise by Jill S. Alexander

Paisley Tillery leads a double life in Jill S. Alexander’s book, Paradise.  Her passion is drums.  She is a drummer in a rock band but her mother doesn’t know it.  Paisley works hard to keep it that way, afraid her mother will forbid her from performing.  Her mother pushes her older daughter, Lacey to be a singer.  Let’s just say she isn’t very good.  The band is looking for a lead singer and they find one in Gabe from Paradise.  He’s good, really good!  Not only can he sing, but he plays the accordion.  The band’s dynamics undergo many trials with the new addition.  Paisley finds herself falling in love.  The band is practicing for a big show and drama abounds.  Will the band stay together, will Paisley’s mother find out and stop her from performing?  I have mixed feelings about the ending.  Let me know what you think.