02 Aug

Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

An innocent post graduation bike trip turns to disaster for the characters in Jennifer Bradbury’s book Shift.  I really liked this book for several reasons.  It is the story of best friends who go on an adventure right before they both go off to college.  Best friends think they know each other very well.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Chris Collins begins his adventure with best friend Winston Coggans.  They think they are prepared for their cross country bike trip.  They have food, money, shelter and lies.  The book is full of biking adventures, interesting characters and a mystery.  One boy makes it to the West Coast and one disappears.  The story opens with the FBI investigating the disappearance.  The reader is taken for a ride and is left in the dark on the reasons why and where the boy went until the end.  Loyalty, trust, betrayal, and forgiveness are themes and the reader is left satisfied.