02 Aug

Stupid Fast: The Summer I Went From a Joke to a Jock by Geoff Herbach

Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach is a story about high school football and so much more.  The main character, Felton Reinstein, is fast, really fast.  He is trying to cope with his new found speed, the fact that he discovered his father’s body (suicide), his hippie mother, expectations from outside and his feelings for a girl.  Typical teenage stuff, right?  What sets this book as a step above most ‘sport’ stories, is Herbach’s style and treatment of his main character.  The story is told by Felton who is brutally honest about who he thinks he is and the expectations others have for him.  His younger brother Andrew is a very talented pianist.  It just so happens the girl Felton is interested in is also a gifted pianist who he believes it out of his league.  Felton deals with pressures at school and at home.  His mother becomes a recluse, not being able to stand the sight of him for a reason Felton doesn’t understand.  The boys try to keep things together at home so no one at school will know what is happening.  There is plenty of football drama on and off the field to further complicate Felton’s life.   I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down.  Many YA sports books don’t give enough credit to their readers to appreciate a multi level story with a complex main character who has a life outside of football and cheerleaders.