05 Aug

She’s So Dead to Us & He’s So Not Worth It by Kieran Scott


The first and second book in what I presume is a trilogy, She’s So Dead to Us and He’s So Not Worth It by Kieran Scott is an enjoyable read with interesting characters.  Ally Ryan and her family lived in Orchard Hills, a very affluent town where she had it all: popularity, good looks, lots of friends, money, etc.  She and her family lose it all when her father makes some bad business decisions and their money disappears along with his clients, many of whom were family friends.  After several years she and her mother move back.  Her father is absent and neither one has seen him or know where he is.  To say she wasn’t welcomed back is an understatement.  She is shunned by her former friends many of whom blame her for for their families financial troubles and even divorces.  There are the normal school issues and Ally tries to resume her life.  She now lives in the wrong part of town and is no longer a ‘Crestie’ (popular people group).  Ally runs into Jake Graydon, the new occupant of her former house.  He is a soccer star and she becomes his  ‘backslapper’ decorating his locker, baking him treats etc. on game days.  Former girlfriends and boyfriends of Ally, make her life difficult and to make things worse, her mother starts seeing Gray Nathanson.  She is ready to move on but Ally isn’t.  The first book ends with her former friends doing something truly nasty and Jake a seemingly willing accomplice.

The second book has Ally meeting her father, going to the beach for the summer with her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, Gray Nathanson and his daughter, and all the Crestie who go to the shore.  They stay at Gray’s summer home.  Ally is hurt and there is really no other way to nicely say it – bitchy.  She has a chip on her shoulder and is mad at everyone.  She goes to the beach to escape Jake.  While there she gets a summer job and meets a townie (local boy).  He is the opposite of Jake and her mother is not pleased, either.  In fact, just about everyone is not pleased with Ally or the choices she makes.  Without giving too much away, she does reconnect with Jake, some of her Crestie friends and her engaged mother.  Just when things seem to be going well, there is a MAJOR complication, of course.  So now we wait for book 3.  It will be a tough wait, because I, along with many other readers are caught up in Ally’s world.