10 Mar

Coaltown Jesus by Ron Koertge

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Coaltown Jesus by Ron Koertge Book Review

By Rebecca Regnier



Faith, Closure, Bonding, Religious


“Coaltown Jesus” is a great story of healing and faith by Ron Koertge. Walker, a teenage boy, is still broken by the loss of his older brother, Noah, despite not admitting so. Jesus comes to this broken boy and through talking and being with him for a while, he opens up Walker’s heart and helps him to discover how to heal and move on. This beautiful story through the journey with a “normal Jesus” shows how just listening to him and  your heart and understanding your importance is the way to go through any situation, bad or good.

I personally loved this story. Koertge’s poetic style helps to capture the way some people, like myself, experience Jesus. Instead of seeing him as a high and mighty man, he is presented as a common man, acting the same way as any normal person would. The journey that Walker and Jesus have together warms my heart, as Jesus helps Walker to discover some truth and remind him of his importance through his hard loss of his older brother. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is going through a situation where they feel lost and alone, just to remind them that Jesus will be with you and help you every step of the way.

Guest reviewer: Rebecca