10 Mar

Pieces by Chris Lynch


Pieces by Chris Lynch Book Review


Family, Loss, Depression, Curiosity


In Chris Lynch’s Pieces, he tells a story about a brother searching for the parts of his dead brother’s body that were given to other people in order to live. Eric, a heartbroken teen mourning the loss of his older brother Duane, meets a few of the people that received parts of  Duane’s body in order to help cope with his death. He hopes that by finding these people, he will be able to revive his family back together and finally overcome his brother’s loss. Through this story of loss and curiosity, Eric gets answers, but not answers he expects to get.

This book was okay. The story was confusing a lot, jumping from one scene to the next. It was cool because I experienced the thought process of a person dealing with a heavy loss, but the abruptness of which it happened was weird. If not for the mature content of the book, this would be a better read for middle schoolers. But, all in all, the story of Eric’s journey of piecing the memory of his brother back together is heartwarming and truly inspiring to see.

Guest reviewer: Rebecca