10 Mar

The White Bicycle by Beverley Brenna

white bicycle

Book Review for The White Bicycle by Beverley Brenna

by Rebecca Regnier


Family, Independence, Self Identification, Asperger’s Syndrome


Beverley Brenna has cleverly written such a wonderful piece in the perspective of a teen with Asperger’s Syndrome in her novel “The White Bicycle”. Taylor aspires to become an independent and happy woman in the world, with no one to depend on whatsoever. She decides to go to France after being offered a job as a “personal care assistant”. Her mother tags along in her adventure, which is not quite how Taylor would like her trip to go, and they both go and experience new things with the Phoenix family. Not only does Taylor go to do her job, she goes and writes a journal about herself and her past, which helps to identify herself and her future path. Brenna has written a heartwarming story about family, letting go of the past, and being bold enough to step into the future independently.

“The White Bicycle” is truly an inspiring piece that makes one think about letting go of the past and not letting it define you. Taylor, having Asperger’s Syndrome, was brave enough to share her story with Brenna and the world, and it is wonderful to see how she grows into a fine young woman on her own. Through minute details about her past, readers can see a part of the kind of world a person with Asperger’s has, but you never really realize it because she is a regular human being with the same issues as we do. She does not let her disease stop her from doing anything, and again is truly inspiring to see. I highly recommend this book to anyone willing to see how someone let go of  their past and defined their own future on their own terms.

Guest reviewer: Rebecca